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Daromad превращается из партнерской сети в глобальную эффективную платформу управления цифровых реклам

Сегодня мы чрезвычайно рады объявить об официальном глобальном запуске нашей новой, полностью реконструированной и переработанной рекламной сети и платформы Daromаd 2.0 на международный рынок.

New Daromad 2.0 logo

We took our previously built affiliate network platform (released in July 2012) aimed for direct advertisers and publishers only and turned it into a complete and even more powerful digital ads management platform to serve the needs of advertisers, publishers as well as advertising agencies and media owners (a.k.a. media partners).
Over the last four months, we worked very hard silently behind the stage and managed to fully rebuild our existing advertising platform into a brand new and extremely easy to use user interface with a whole range of new tools and features to make online advertising and site revenue generation process fast and effective.
We also completely redesigned our DaromAd.com public website in order to better communicate the service with a broad audience. In additional, we also made some enhancements into our logo in order to make it more relevant to its purpose.

New Daromad 2.0 website

So now it’s your turn. While we take a small rest, we invite you to explore our new website and platform and contact us for any questions or feedback. We very much hope you will like what you see and we could build valuable business relationships with you. Happy advertising with DaromAd!