Digital Strategy Planning and Performance Measurement Development

Digital technologies and the Internet have changed how we talk to our consumers and customers, so companies need to build strategies that work in sync with their daily operations. Prospectuz DGTAL offers a complete digital strategy and transformation solution, from organisational strategic and actions planning to its effective implementation and execution with a robust performance measurement mechanism development that drives a business to a digital success. Same as we work with large brands, we also provide effective and actionable strategic planning to SMBs and public organisations.

We will lead a full custom proccess to build your strategic plan, implement, execute and measure its success both on-site and remotely. By evaluating the performance of your digital experiences across all touch points, we'll put in place a solid strategy to guide you to digital success. We'll help you define your mission, vision and core values statements, and then align your business objectives with your departments' action plans down to your teams' daily operations. This will ensure the retention of the focus on the most important in order to achieve a successful execution and fulfillment of your strategy. So stay ahead of your competition and capture greatest business opportunities by making us your strategy and digital transformation partner.

We combine people, online tools and proven methodologies to build the right and actionable custom strategic plan, digital strategy, action plans and performance management mechanisms for your organisation

eBusiness Strategy

We'll work closely with your firm's management to build a coherent and solid, tailored digital strategy with a business model canvas, along with a strategic plan and action plans based on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology combined with SMART goals using some of the latest and most effective digital tools. We'll also help establish a goal and data driven culture with high performing teams.

Digital Marketing
& Analytics Strategy

Don't be one of 90% of businesses who's digital marketing campaigns fail due to lack of strategy and knowledge. We'll build you a solid and actionable digital marketing/analytics strategy, fully tailored to your business nature, audience and platforms they use. We do this by applying the latest, tested and proven digital marketing models, frameworks and a combination of online marketing tools.

Digital Performance
Measurement Tool

To ensure effective execution of your strategies and plans, we will develop tailored performance measurement tools that will result in a roadmap fully aligned with your strategic plan and objectives. We will audit your digital channels, define KPIs for each goal, set their targets, closely monitor and optimise your digital campaigns in order to improve their performance and impact on your bottom line.

  E-Commerce Business Development & Web-Store Management

E-commerce has greatly evolved since its start in the early nineties, and so did the complexities related to its management and development, which today requires an extensive set of diverse technical skills and techniques. As a great solution for increasing sales and lowering costs, the other single advantage has been its start up costs for establishing a new e-commerce business vs expanding the store into new geo-locations. So due to such huge growth potential of the e-commerce market, most retailers start to see the benefits of being online and are now tapping into this digital space. On the surface, with so many online platforms and tools being created and evolved, it seems starting and growing an e-commerce business seem simple enough. But the hard truth, it's not. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, successful e-commerce marketplaces and sellers will need to keep their eyes on the future and adjust their budget and resources accordingly to stay ahead of their competition.

That's where we come in as we don't just help you build an effective e-commerce presence for your B2C or B2B offerings, but we'll also assist you in choosing the right e-commerce platform according to your needs and budget, make sure your web-store is managed, marketed and optimised to its best by ensuring all functions of your site work perfectly, well integrated with social and mobile media platforms and continuously A/B tested for conversions. By well understanding their importance, we will also handle some of the related key activities like: converting your web-store visitors into leads, following up your leads with effective e-mail marketing, maintaining right content on your site to increase calls for action, strategically communicating your pricing vs authenticity stamp attributes and comparison tables, monitoring drop-offs on any step of your sales funnel and taking necessary actions to name a few, and will certainly do more.

Мы работаем с ведущими платформами электронной коммерции,
адаптируя их к потребностям и целям вашего бизнеса


Ecwid is a hosted platform used by 1+ million merchants worldwide, and it is perfect for small businesses and early start-ups wishing to sell online quickly, as it offers the easiest way to add an online store to any existing website, social media pages or multiple
sites simultaneously.


Shopify is the world's leading cloud-based, multichannel e-commerce platform known for it’s super agility, ease-of-use and low cost of ownership. It is mostly suitable for SMBs in the B2C markets, but with Shopify Plus upgrade option - it well powers the needs of enterprise level stores.


BigCommerce is the next most powerful SaaS leader suitable for enterprise-level, mid-market sites, which serves established, growing brands in 150+ countries providing extreme scalability for online stores with extensive marketing features & inventory management capabilities.

  Online Reputation Management & Optimisation

On the Internet, everyone likes to express their mind and opinions freely online and exercise their free speech, but often, some kind of negativity about your company, products and services emerges and spreads out. Because statistically, people tend to share something negative with their friends 12 times more than they do so with something positive. So protecting your brand, corporate image and even your personal reputation online is as important as doing so across traditional channels. You just don't want that some bad remark, inappropriate comment or poor rating posted across some web, social and mobile space is hurting your brand positioning, perception or even sales without you knowing it. But building and maintaining a positive online image requires constant vigilance. Luckily, with us on your side, you won't have to worry about this as we will constantly monitor your brand's digital footprint and alert you on anything that needs to be acted on and resolved.

As we aim to build and maintain a positive online reputation in search results and across various social media channels, we'll do so by exploring, cleaning, repairing and monitoring any negativity across online reviews, social media and others within digital space. As online reviews can be both one of the biggest opportunities or threats to your business or brands' online reputation, we'll help build positive reviews and use them to enhance your brand by ensuring that your business has a presence online in all of the places it matters. We just believe that when you address any online negativity proactively, or at least quickly on time, we can turn that into a positive image. And the positive image means more conversions for your business.

Our Reputation Management Service is Tailored for:


Know your customers and what they think about your brand, and identify opportunities and threats as they arise with this powerful enterprise social listening and online reputation management tool, providing multi-lingual data insights.


Whether you're a successful growing entrepreneur, senior executive at a large organisation or a politician and influential government official, there may be some undesired, negative content left about you on the web and digital space.

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