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  • Professional online presence

    Build your own and your business's professional online presence for free.

    Specific niche audience

    Prospectuz connects and develops business relationships between three groups of professionals interested in Uzbekistan and Asian markets.

    Single multilingual platform

    The only business networking platform available in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.

    Secure and Reliable

    Stay in control of every part of your profile and decide yourself which content of your prfile is shared with public, network and your contacts.

    ProNews feeds aggregator

    Save time while staying up to date with the latest market and industry news through a single news aggregator page from most popular and reliable media sources.

  • Five connection degree levels

    View prospective contacts up to five degrees and increase your chances to get connected directly.

    Inter-user chat

    Connect and engage with your contacts with instant-messaging.

    Full search results

    Enjoy unlimited full search results to your search terms and criterias.

    Create or join Groups

    Build your own community on mutual interests and participate in other Groups to make yourself more visible.

    Interact and grow your network

    From using your own internal mailbox, connect with or introduce a contact to others, always know if they're online or offline and see a timeline of your contacts' activities.

  • Free online store

    Get your own e-commerce store to further market your digital products and services.

    Pay and get paid with Paypal

    Enjoy the speed and reliability of paying and getting paid with an integrated Paypal payment system.

    Enhance your store with videos

    As seeing is believeing, publish video-demos of your products and services to get more leads and sales.

    Get your products featured

    Contact us to get your product or service featured for free for a limited time.

  • BizInvest for entrepreneurs

    Post your start up project or idea to get funding in return for equity ownership in your business.

    BizInvest for investors

    Extend and diversify your investment portfolio by finding a new business idea and opportunity to invest in Asian markets.

    Enhance your profile with Documents

    Make your Bizinvest profile stand out with supporting podcasts of your pitch, project related documents and images.

    Direct relationship

    Maintain direct relationship with a prospective investor or entrepreneur without any middlemen.

  • Display ads with Daromad

    Experience our targeted advertising of your brands, products and services across the site by users' 'demographics and membership levels via our ad network Daromad.

    Share your RSS feeds

    We can add your most relevant and suitable RSS feeds into our ProNews page for free or you can have your feeds added into our Sponsored block for a small monthly fee.

    Organise and share Events

    Increase your targeted audience by creating your own online and offline events as well as learn about new events in your area.