Daromad.com - Performance and results based advertising network

Designed both for small businesses and large enterprises internationally, DaromAd is a new performance based digital ads management platform aimed to deliver timely relevant ads for site visitors, consistently stable website revenue for publishers and maximum return on marketing investment for advertisers.

Daromad Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive self-service user interface

    Take advantage of a web based self-service user interface which allows you for self-management and doesn't require any special software to download - all you need is a modern web browser. And you will never get lost because every functional page contains tips and notes on how to use the features correctly and effectively.

    Content ad matching across many industries

    DaromAd dynamically matches ads to page content. Its powerful, indexing software scans submitted pages for relevant keywords with specific target criteria and delivers corresponding ads across 35+ vertical industries and niche markets.

    Internationally standard ad formats and samples

    DaromAd supports and promotes the use of internationally standard ad formats and sites recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) so you can be sure your ad formats and creatives are always up to date and effective. You can choose to promote between text, text+image and banner based formats and sizes. And the best part, the system will display those format samples to you and automatically adjust your images to the formats you selected, so you don't have to worry about this part.

    Complete detailed reporting and insights

    Keep a close eye on the performance of your campaigns and ads inventory by generating detailed reports on keyword, location, channels, click through rates (CTR) and more for any date range and export your data into CSV for further analysis. Gain even more insights via Revenue and Spend Summary, Publisher Channels, Transaction History, CTR by ad types and blocks, periodic earnings and other valuable reports and summaries.

    Elegant security with proactive email alerts

    Be confident about security of your account and validity of your ads. Our exclusive click definition technology and additional multi-layered invalid-click detection algorithms timely and effectively protect relevancy and accuracy of traffic being served. DaromAd uses industry compliant encryption and remote storage, so your raw credit card and password information is never made visible after entry. Stay always up to date of your account activity with timely email notifications and alerts.

    Multilingual customer and technical support

    Whether you're a new or existing customer, you can be sure you never get stuck or lost as you have a continuous customer or technical support offered via web, email, live chat, phone and even your designated account manager. We constantly provide and update learning materials, FAQ and blog articles on our website and your take part in our DaromAd Forum, so you can share your experience with other users and learn from each-other. And just so you know, we're fluent in English, Russian and Uzbek languages, and can assist you via live chat in many other languages too. The platform is currently available both in English and Russian.

  • Performance based ad network

    Leave period pricing based advertising behind and start focusing on the performance of your ads by paying only for the actual results delivered, whether it is number of clicks, lead, actions or sales.

    Cost control and optimisation

    Gain and keep control of your advertising by setting your own prices, click rates, daily and monthly budget caps. DaromAd even suggest you the ideal minimum bid amount for your given campaign, which you can level up, and be certain you don’t go over your set minimum advertising budget.

    Full campaign management and scheduling

    Enjoy the comfort of fully managing your campaign with easy to use tools and guidance wizards. You can even decide when your ad campaign is active – when to start delivering your ads and when to stop, on what days of a week and what hours of a day your ads are to be displayed.

    Focused extensive targeting

    Ensure your ads reach your desired local and international audience by targeting specific industries and content channels, countries and regions, keywords and phrases.

    Extensive keywords support

    Choose exact, phrase, broad, or negative keyword matching for your ads. DaromAd uses a fuzzy logic that understands broad matches through the entire provided phrase based on the current percent-of-match settings, regardless of the order of words in the phrase.

    Easy pre-paid system with auto-funding

    Advertise in a "pay as you go" style pre-paid style and choose between credit card, wire bank transfer and PayPal payment methods to fund your account. You can even set up auto-funding to ensure uninterrupted advertising.

  • Fast and effective site monetisation

    Experience the fastest, most effective and reliable platform to generate revenue from your website. Earn industry standard and higher commissions from displaying ads of local and international brands on your sites.

    Timely relevant ads and offers

    Enrich your webpages with ads highly related to their content. Let your users feel advertisements as informative parts of your pages, enhance CTR of ads on your site and increase your earnings. Forget about manually setting keywords for each of your ad blocks to fill them with keyword matching ads as DaromAd does that for you by automatically scanning your pages content, finding words that match advertiser target criteria and delivering the most relevant ads on your sites.

    Ads inventory control across multiple sites

    Enjoy the comfort of managing your whole ads inventory from a single central location and disperse your ads delivery across several domains – wherever you have publishing rights and access. Use sub-IDs to distinguish your web estates in reports.

    Flexible ad codes

    Enjoy simple HTML ad codes or use advanced code version to customize ad delivery for better matching to your site’s look and feel. DaromAd uses JavaScript to IFRAME IAB ad rendering for optimum load time and flexible ad delivery. As long as you deliver quality traffic, DaromAd never restricts where you can use ad codes.

    Content channels optimisation

    Gain further insights by getting to know the most and least performing parts of your website by creating Publisher Channels for improved reporting and refinement

  • Daromad supports and promotes internationally used standard ad formats recognised by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). You can view below example positions for each size on a modular webpage, however, you are free to place ads wherever you wish on your site(s) to match its structure and design. And the best part, you can view real ad types and formats with exact sizing when creating your ad campaigns or managing your ad zones inside your account.

    Leaderboard 728x90
    Full Banner 468x60
    Half Banner 234x60
    Skyscraper 120x600
    Wide Skyscraper 160x600
    Wide Skyscraper 2 160x400
    Vertical Banner 120x240
    Large Rectangle 336x280
    Medium Rectangle 300x250
    Square Box 250x250
    Small Rectangle 180x150
    Button 125x125