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Uzbekistan's Prospectus Digital LLC changes its legal entity form in Tashkent

We are pleased to inform that Prospectuz DGTAL's strategic regional partner in Uzbekistan, Prospectus Digital LLC has transformed its legal entity ownership form into a Private Enterprise (PE) status, having officially been re-incorporated in the city of Tashkent on the 23rd Mar 2015. From now on the company will be operated as Prospectus Digital Private Enterprise or Prospectus Digital PE.

We hope that this new legal entity status will allow the business to produce even more productive and exciting results in the months and years ahead.

Summary to the first WAW event held at MDIS in Tashkent

The first Web Analytics Wednesday event was held at MDIST on Nov 26, 2014 which left event participants with lots of enthusiasm, awareness and interest towards web analytics field. Although out more than 100 organisations were invited to attend, with only less than half of them were able to participate, the event proved to be very interesting, informative and interactive.

The program kicked off at around 3pm with a welcome speech by Dr Les Kingham from Sunderland University in the UK followed by Abdurashid Atahanov who briefly introduced guests to a history of Web Analytics Wednesday, its purpose and how it's run, as well as thanked MDIS in Tashkent along with Web Analytics Demystified and Tealium organisations in the US for sponsoring and supporting the event.

The remaining part of the event were featured by our keynote speakers Javlon Juraev (Projects Development Manager) who talked about the need and requirements of maintaining websites and use of web analytics by different business types, and Abdurashid Atahanov who talked about the use of web analytics for corporate websites optimisation, data-driven decisions and measuring online marketing campaigns effectiveness. As an analytics advocate in the region, he also talked about creating and maintaining analytics business culture in organisations. Dr Les Kingham from the UK gave another interesting speech on how students of Sunderland University use digital technologies and analytics for shaping their career paths and establishing connections with prospective employers through real life projects involvements.

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Participants Survey

Taking a chance of the event, we conducted a WAW Survey among participants in order to help us better understand the role of web analytics in their organisation. Here are some of the interesting findings from that survey even though the population was very small.

When asked about their company websites, almost all event attendees already operated their corporate websites but only half of them used or planned to use any web analytics tools for tracking their website visitors. This just demonstrates a low awareness about the business value of web analytics in the region, ie. in Uzbekistan.

It was interesting to see that Marketing and IT departments were equally responsisible for company websites and use of web analytics tools and the larger involvement of IT departments perhaps suggest that websites and web analytics are still perceived to be highly technical activities.

The other more or less active departments in relevant decision-making process came to inhouse Corporate Communications departments along with external advertising and media Agencies.
When asked about primary company website objectives, it was revealed that organisations were mainly concerned about less practical, action driven website objectives like creating and increasing their brand awareness. While they also use their website as a tool for helping them promote and sell their products and services, they don't really treat their websites as a great tool to help them reduce their operating costs. Moreover, their websites seem to be less customer focused since they don't quite use them for providing online service to their customers or even for their audience and customer development.

On a social media scene however, they seem to be very active and taking it with higher priority as all respondents' organisations currently maintain their business presence on Facebook, with less activities directed towards establishing their presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Despite its global business popularity, YouTube is not yet popular among local organisations for video marketing, which could be due to time, efforts and resources required to continuously produce good quality video content or they could be also using few other local alternative sites under Other category.

But when it comes to measuring various online activities with web analytics tools, only less than half of survey respondents' companies were actually measuring performance against their primary website objectives with less than one-third of them using analytics for website content optimisation. They also don't quite use web analytis for measuring their online marketing activities like online advertising, social media marketing and SEO, not to meantion about finding ways to track their traditional advertising.

Such limited activities perhaps could also be justified with one-fourth of event participants didn't have enough in-house web analytics skills, time or even trust in data. However, for those activities they measure with web analytis, half of respondents indicated that they do make website changes or other business decisions based on analytics data.

This could mean, it could be a matter of providing them with more right data and actionable insights in order to increase their engagement and practice with web analytics.


If you would like to have a copy of slides presented throughout the WAW Tashkent event on Nov 26th, please feel free to submit us your email address using the form below, so we will then forward you the PDF copy of the presentations.

Please note, the presentation content is in Russian language.

Web Analytics Wednesday event comes to Uzbekistan with a support of MDIS in Tashkent

We're pleased to announce that the first internationally run and popular Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) event is coming to Uzbekistan and wll be held at the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent (MDIST) on Nov 26, 2014 2PM.

As a Visiting Lecturer & Tutor at MDIST on Management E-Informations Systems & Technologies module as well as the digital analytics evangelist in the region, Abdurashid Atahanov is organising and hosting this event at the premises and under the support of MDIST. And it is with great privilege, that MDIST, being one of the top three state run higher educational institutions in Uzbekistan, volunteered to support and sponsor this professional networking event by providing one of its modern and digitally equipped venues. The event is also partially sponsored by the US based Tealium and Web Analytics Demystified organisations.

What is WAW?

Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) is an internationally popular and industry supported free professional social networking event that has been connecting local communities of web and digital analytics practitioners in every major city, on every continent. It was founded in 2007 by Web Analytics Demystified, the global leader in digital analytics and optimization consulting for the Enterprise and you can find out more about the popularity and scale of the event on their Web Analytics Wednesday page.


The main purpose of holding the WAW event at such established organisation and venue as MDIS in Tashkent, is to gather mid‐to‐senior level local professionals and executives from companies of different industries in order to increase their awareness of the business value of Web Analytics among SMBs & large enterprises in Uzbekistan and provide them with an opportunity for exchanging different ideas, knowledge, experience in this area and best practices sharing that they could apply for their organisations.


The topic of the event is "What is web analytics and how it can grow or change your online business?"
The presentation slides of the event will be in Russian but depending on the audience, those will be communicated either in Ruussian, Uzbek or English languages. You can download the Agenda by clicking here.

Call for Speakers

We're looking for 3 (three) external speakers to attend the event with their short 15-20 mins report on the areas of Online Marketing, Social Media and Web Analytics in the case of the company they work for. If you're interested, please submit your topic with a brief summary by uploading your file (doc, pdf, ppt) in the RSVP form below. We reserve the right to select the most interesting 3 topics and will follow up with a speaker afterwards.

Register Online

To register for the event, please fill in our RSVP form below and click Submit. Due to a limited number of seats available, we're ideally looking for 1-2 representatives from up to 100 organisations operating in Uzbekistan.

Head of PDGTAL becomes DAA Certified Web Analyst

It is our pleasure to congratulate our company head Abdurashid Ataahnov on becoming a DAA Certified Web Analyst, following his successful computer based examination taken in Singapore earlier in May. This new achievement has also been recorded on DAA website's International CWAs listing page where Abdurashid appears to be the 10th person in the UK and the only one in Uzbekistan (for now) who has been awarded with such prestigious industry recognized title by Digital Analytics Association.

The costs associated with the examination and travelling to Singapore were fully sponsored by Bowen Craggs & Co. -
one of UK's top web effectiveness research and consultancy groups which advises many of the world’s largest firms on their digital and corporate communications strategies.