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Introducing DaromAd 2.0

We are extremely happy to announce the official global release of our brand new, fully re-built and redesigned DaromAd 2.0 ad server and management platform to the international market.

We took our previously built affiliate network platform (released in July 2012) aimed for direct advertisers and publishers only and turned it into a complete and even more powerful digital ads management platform to serve the needs of advertisers, publishers as well as advertising agencies and media owners (a.k.a. media partners). 

Over the last four months, we worked very hard silently behind the stage and managed to fully rebuild our existing advertising platform into a brand new and extremely easy to use user interface with a whole range of new tools and features to make online advertising and site revenue generation process fast and effective.

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Prospectuz launches updated news section

Prospectuz team is pleased to announce the launch of extended and restructured News section of Prospectuz network!

We re-designed our News section to make it more efficient and functional, so now, everyone who is interested in doing business in or with Uzbekistan, can browse all selected and featured news sources on one webpage, which provides news from leading international and national news portals. Feeds are categorized for your convenience.

PDGTAL re-launches its own affiliate network DaromAd

Prospectuz DGTAL is pleased to announce the re-launch of its earlier introduced service "DaromAd" – the most powerful and easy-to-use affiliate advertising network in Uzbekistan. It is currently in Beta and can be accessed on:

Following the initial release earlier in 2012, we received lots of feedback and suggestions from our users and general public, so we put the site down for few months and spent this time to fully re-create the platform by making it even more powerful with so many great new features requested.

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Prospectuz launches investment match making system

Here at Prospectuz DGTAL, our work is based on delivering business prospects in Uzbekistan to the world through digital marketing communications and technologies. For this, we've built and currently working on few other exciting initiatives aimed at helping foreign businesses gain Uzbekistan market entry and helping local companies expand into international markets. Today, we're excited to introduce you a new functionality of - BizInvest.

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