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Prospectuz launches investment match making system

Here at Prospectuz DGTAL, our work is based on delivering business prospects in Uzbekistan to the world through digital marketing communications and technologies. For this, we've built and currently working on few other exciting initiatives aimed at helping foreign businesses gain Uzbekistan market entry and helping local companies expand into international markets. Today, we're excited to introduce you a new functionality of - BizInvest.

bizinvestBizInvest is our online system integrated with that matches Uzbekistan entrepreneurs and businesses with local and international investors and was designed to speed up the process of funding. Whether you have a great business idea you wish to realise and seeking for small investment to start up, or you're a small established start up seeking for some seed funding to grow and market your business, or you're already a large business seeking for some venture capital in order to expand or diversify your business further - BizInvest can be right for you. On the other side, big or small angel investors, high net worth individuals or venture capital firms can use BizInvest to search for great business ideas and opportunities to establish in Uzbekistan.

BizInvest is very easy to use, same as the whole Members can submit listings as Investors or Entrepreneurs. Investors state at least the maximum funding they are willing to inject and state why they are willing to invest, while Entrepreneurs state at least the minimum funding that will help them achieve their goal and describe why they're seeking funding. Entrepreneurs can upload their business proposal and planning documents as well as their short pitches in the form video or podcast for the potential investors to view, while investors can also upload some financial or other documents for entrepreneurs to view. Those interested, can use Inquiry functionality to find out more details about a particular investment opportunity or funding offer.

Only PRO members of our site can take full advantage of BizInvest while Basic and Non-registered users can still view and vote all published listings available on the site. This is just a start and there is so much more to explore what BizInvest offers. If you find some success using this app our our website as a whole, please let us know, we're always keen to hear some success stories.

Also remember, if you find BizInvest useful and wish to progress even further, through our Digital Marketing Consultancy division of our company and our strategic partner "Prospectus Digital LLC" in Uzbekistan, we can help you take your project to a next level by introducing you and your initiatives to local and government authorities, decision makers, lawyers and provide further guidance in establishing your business presence in Uzbekistan.

If you need any help using our site, feel free to use our Live Chat support or write us at: .

Good luck and happy networking!