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Introducing "Fast Track Web Marketing & Analytics" training for marketing professionals and website owners in Uzbekistan

PDGTAL is pleased to offer the first of its kind comprehensive training program in Uzbek, Russian, English languages designed for mid-senior marketing professionals and website owners in Uzbekistan to help them better understand the business value and opportunities of online marketing with web analytics to their organisations, and apply those techniques effectively to meet their business objectives.The course will contain 10 modules providing a thorough understanding to core digital marketing skills with detailed look at each of the these disciplines:

1. Strategy & Planning
2. Website Design
3. Search Marketing
4. Email Marketing
5. Display Advertising
6. Social Media
7. Content Marketing
8. Digital Analytics
9. User Experience
10. Online Reputation

How this course is different?

The aim of this training programme is to provide practitioners with most complete and accurate, comprehensive, yet easy to understand and follow, practical and jargon-free, up to date and relevant information, so they can apply their acquired knowledge and skills in their day to day operations right way. Moreover, this programme is perhaps going to be the first and only one of its kind to be offered fully in Uzbek language along in Russian and English for relevant audiences.

Who should attend?

Mid to senior managers of local and international organisations based in Uzbekistan who are responsible for their marketing, communications, sales and commercial departments. Business and website owners or other decision makers who wish to build or grow their ventures with online marketing and web analytics. Aspiring students or university graduates who wish to get a job in the areas of digital marketing and analytics.

How I or my organisation will benefit from the training?

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to effectively plan and apply their acquired knowledge and skills, key digital technologies and techniques to meet their marketing, communications and commercial objectives. They will be able to continuously improve the value and contribution of digital media to the success of their marketing programmes and business. Successful participants will also be awarded with the Certificate of Attendance by Prospectuz DGTAL.

Who will provide the training?

The whole course will be delivered solely by the head of our company Abdurashid Atahanov, Digital Analytics Consultant and a Certified Web Analyst (License No: CWA1405198). As a holder of MSc in International Business with major in Digital Marketing Communications as well as Diploma in Digital Marketing from the UK's top institutions, Abdurashid helped a lot of large international organisations and brands in measuring the effectiveness of their corporate websites and marketing projects. He has also been lecturing on Retail & Services Marketing with Management of Business Information Systems at MDIST since 2014. Apart from consulting, Abdurashid is actively involved in his two start up projects: and You can learn more about Abdurashid on Our Team page.

Where and When?

The training is expected to commence between 27 Apr - 04 May at the Inkonel Business Centre in Tashkent.
The program represents 30 hours of face-to-face teaching sessions at 3 hrs a day for 2 weeks from Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm with 20 mins coffee break intervals. Exact date and time will be confirmed in due course, taking into account the availability of attendees.

How many people can attend?

In order to make the training as effective and interactive as possible, we currently accept between 15-20 participants only.

How much it will cost?

The price for the full training course is UZS 945,000 which includes light coffee breaks and the Certificate of Attendance. Existing university students who wish to attend the training can get 25% discount on the proof of their student ID. We offer discount for students mainly because compared to working professionals, they perhaps might not be able to apply their acquired knowledge and skills right away on the job but they will certainly develop a good thorough awareness about the industry, increase their employability and benefit from professional networking.

How to register?

Just head to our Digital Training page, hover over the first training course block and click the "Apply now" link. You will be displayed with a quick and easy form to fill in and submit. We will then review your entry and email you our Training Modules Overview together with the Service Agreement form which you will be able to securely e-sign and then follow up with the payment via bank transfer or card payment. Upon receipt of your full payment, we will confirm your participation and further provide and update you with necessary course relevant information and instructions. The seats are limited to 20 attendees only.

More training choices

For more advanced training options on particular areas of digital marketing and analytics for yourself or your organisation, you can learn about our other individually tailored training courses currently offered on Our Training page that are going to commence from June 2015 onwards. If you find the right course for your needs, you can register for it right away and enjoy the "early bird" fixed rates as prices will go up later.