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Launching our website visitor and customer experience solutions for banking and insurance sector

We're thrilled to announce today the launching of our yet another large-scale, first-of-its-kind "Website Visitor & CX Survey" solutions, tailored for banking and insurance sector organisations in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

With this unique program for banks and insurance companies in the regions, we're here to help you measure the performance of your corporate websites and mobile apps in order to improve their effectiveness in terms of user experience (UX), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and customer experience (CX) attributes, both online and offline across all your branches. So by combining our experience and expertise in these fields with the industry's leading digital research platform QuestionPro (our global research technology partner), we crafted this ready-to-launch trilingual website survey solution for you to take advantage of.

Taking into account the different levels and needs of organisations' websites, we designed special tier-based survey package plans to meet your digital goals and ambitions. The best part, we made a completely FREE plan that you could try our survey solution on your website right away, and get a good idea about its value for your business, before you may consider implementing any of our paid plans.

Please check out our service plans comparison table below for more details along with a visual demo of survey invites. And here is the link to launch the actual survey to get to know its content and how it works:

So to try our free "Tester" plan on your company website, you can just share your domain address with us along with your contacts. We'll then email your custom popup embed code (in a language of your choice) to insert on your site, and start collecting some great initial feedback from your visitors.

For any questions or to discuss our digital research and digital analytics solution offerings in detail, pls feel free to call us directly or email: or

P.S. View and download related files in full size here:

Uzbekistan's Prospectus Digital LLC changes its legal entity form in Tashkent

We are pleased to inform that Prospectuz DGTAL's strategic regional partner in Uzbekistan, Prospectus Digital LLC has transformed its legal entity ownership form into a Private Enterprise (PE) status, having officially been re-incorporated in the city of Tashkent on the 23rd Mar 2015. From now on the company will be operated as Prospectus Digital Private Enterprise or Prospectus Digital PE.

We hope that this new legal entity status will allow the business to produce even more productive and exciting results in the months and years ahead.

Introducing new membership and pricing strategy for

As part of our continuous efforts to help our existing and prospective users get more value from our service, we've made some good changes to our membership plans. As a result, we discontinued our free but limited in features START plan and extended our previously paid feature rich PRO plan totally FREE not only to users signing up from Uzbekistan but to all users worldwide.

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