Online Surveys & Polls

Here at Prospectuz DGTAL we believe that no analytics data is complete without a market research and qualitative data. The use of online surveys and polls on your website or on social media channels could make a great impact in optimising your web presence and better understanding your customer audience. But online surveys are great when they're implemented right, analysed and acted upon collected customer voice data. And we can help you achive that in every of the following stages of our research process.

Define & Budget
Design & Deploy
Monitor & Optimise
Analyse & Discover
Report & Respond

So why not consider our online surveys management and analytics offering in order to better understand why your website visitors come to your site, what do they do and how do they leave? The insights you gain from it might be very surprising sometimes. With the help of some widely used and recognised web survey platforms, we can assist you in every stage of your online research project, whether you wish to collect your audience data occasionally or consistently for a long term period, define your survey objectives, design and deploy your online questionnaires, monitor your surveys throughout their lifecycle, and then analyse those data to measure their effectiveness and presenting you the findings in the form of visual desktop and web format reports.

We offer our experience and support for the following
industry recognised web based research tools and platforms


World's leading research platform for capturing real-time customer, market, brand and employee insights; mostly used by enterprises, academic and government institutions for consistent customer satisfaction, experience and NPS.


Highly insightful research tool known for its 4Q web customer satisfaction survey concept and a trusted global leader in Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics with its latest Active Research™ invention.


Very sophisticated and flexible enterprise research tool which enables collecting customer information through multi-language surveys, scripts, templates and forms, and then centralizing that data into a CRM system.

Survey Monkey

Perhaps world's most popular and easy to use online survey software with cost-effective pricing plans widely used both by small businesses and large enterprises who require occasional surveys and feedback.

Service Deliverables - What We Will Produce?

While working on any of the above research analytics services, we aim to deliver two versions of insightful reports: standard and advanced, depending on your research objectives, budget and resources.

Standard Surveys Analytics Package

Relatively simple surveys with mostly aggregated and cross-tabbed set of reports on a more general level presented with texts and graphs in powerpoint slides which also include the comparison view of results collected throughout the research period.

Advanced Surveys Analytics Package

More complex surveys with in-depth results analysis reported via a web dashboard with advanced graphs, visualisations and insights. Also includes a thorough review and text mining of all open-end and unstructured text entries and feedbacks collected.

  Software Applications Review and User Experience Testing

If you're a vendor and provider of some digital marketing or analytics related software application which you currently market, upgrading or planning to launch its first public release, we can help you perfect your product by carrying out a 360-degree review and assessment from both admin and end user perspectives. We will exploit and test all of your product's available features and capabilities based on real and various use cases in order to explore and capture its possible issues and limitations. In our experience we contributed to the improvement of some industry leading applications and no matter how your product is complete, you might be surprised to see how many hidden issues it contains or further critical fixes it requires.

Likewise, if you're a business who wish to use some third party software application or tool, let us review and carry out QA/UX testing of those apps, so you could make better informed investment decisions as well as save a lot of time in trying to test a product in-house. You can of course prefer to do your own research and use some free software review and rating websites, but every business is unique, so are its requirements. When we review, test and assess a particular tool on your behalf, we focus on your given project and see how and to which extent a product of your choice or our suggestion could help you meet your business objectives; both in short and long term. As a result, you could make an informed decision in selecting the right software application or tool for your project or website needs.

Application QA & UX Report

A mix of screenshots with interactive notes and video recording clips pointing to all quality assessment and user experience issues of a product; all delivered effectively via interactive collaboration tools like Bounce, Invision, Asana etc.

  Websites Performance Audit (Uzbekistan)

Due to our main team's current geographical location and a growing local demand, we often review and assess various popular websites currently operating in Uzbekistan. Given our extensive expertise, we can help Uzbekistan based businesses audit their existing web presence and provide valuable recommendations for its improvement, effectiveness, cost efficiency and optimisation.

Starting from asking essential questions like why does your business have a website and does that help you meet your business objectives, we can help you fully assess the current state and worthiness of your web presence by measuring its core structure, visual presentation, functionality, usability, overall effectiveness and return of your investment. Knowing all these answers with supporting data will help you better maintain your web presence and focus more on managing your business by retaining and optimising your internet marketing budget and resources.

Website Performance Report

A thorough 360-degree scope website review-testing followed by a report of all current issues and areas of required changes both on the front and back-end sides; delivered in Powerpoint, Excel and web based formats in Russian or Uzbek languages.