Data Visualisation & Advanced Analytics

We're passionate about working with data and turning them into meaningful actionable information and insights. With some many digital marketing tools and applications available, the data generated gets bigger and more complex, and most often, the largest chunk of that data is left dormant within a company without being put into its designed use.

So how data-driven you are or willing to become? Let us help you fill this gap and get more use from your data by employing our experience in advanced data analysis, data visualisation discovery, data mining and predictive analytics.

Data Scope - What Data We Work With?

  Web & Mobile Surveys Data

Any type and volume of data collected from web-mobile surveys and polls, which can either be supplied by a client or collected by us via their employed survey platforms.

  Web, Mobile & Advertising Analytics Data

Web and mobile user statistics and behavior data collected via client's internal web analytics and online advertising platforms like Google Analytics, AdWords, Mixpanel etc.

  Unstructured Text & Social Data

Any user generated unstructed, qualitative text data; mostly collected via surveys' open-end feedback questions, website searches, social media sites, blogs and forums.

  E-Commerce & Retail Customer Data

Transactional and customer profile data collected via direct marketing, e-commerce and online store websites; and all data collected from retail stores and supermarkets.

Applications Focus - How We Work With Data?

  Data Analysis

We analyse your both quantitative and qualitative data in-depth and turn them into a usable information to provide you summary findings report with actionable insights.

  Data Visualisation

We visualise your data in the form of dashboards and scorecards, so that you can view, understand and interact with them in the easiest, fastest and most intuitive ways.

  Data & Text Mining

We use your unstructured alpha-numerial data to dig and deep-dive into it in order to explore and discover its hidden patterns that have value and implications to your business.

  Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

Using current and historical data, we can forecast and predict future unknown events to help you better be prepared for future most likely risks and opportunities.

Our Favourite Platforms - What Tools We Use?


Fast and flexible business intelligence, visual data analysis and dashboard building software that helps people find real answers in their data.


Complete web and mobile BI platform with big data discovery, visualisation, interactive dashboard, collaboration, storyboard and mapping features.


Comprehensive and flexible statistical analysis suite to produce accurate forecasts, make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.


Strongly functional language and environment for statistical computing and graphics with data manipulation, calculation and graphical display.


Powerful open source
and complete business analytics software platform with a strong focus on data mining, text mining and predictive analytics.


Excellent open source graphical workbench for data analytics, reporting and integration with visual data mining, predictive analytics and reporting.

Service Deliverables - What We Produce With Your Data?

Web & Mobile Survey Dashboards

Whether you run web or mobile surveys separately or at the same time, their combined results and key findings will be presented in the form of professionally visual, interactive and advanced online dashboard and shared via its link. With its unique and insightful user feedback text analytics included, the dashboard will be updated fortnightly or monthly to reflect the new data collected.

Web Analytics Dashboards & Benchmarking

By either connecting one of the above listed BI tools directly with your web analytics properties or pulling the required data from your analytics accounts, we produce single or multiple websites advanced custom dashboard of your visitors' cross-platform behaviour data, which you can easily interact with and learn the type of insights not easily available from inside analytics platforms.

Digital Marketing Performance Scorecards

It's a one of a kind single integrated advanced and custom scorecard in which we'll visualise and communicate your whole digital marketing efferts by mixing and blending all data collected from your surveys, web, mobile and social analytics tools as well as offline internal data, so you can see where your resources are invested, what you get in return and which areas need to be more focused on.

Customer Loyalty Programs for SMBs

If you run an e-commerce website, conventional retail store, or a chain of supermarkets in Uzbekistan, we can help you collect your customers profile with their buying behaviour data and use them to help you better market your products, save costs and increase revenue by up-selling and cross-selling your stored items and increase your customers' loyalty and retention at the same time.